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The Quality of Design Decisions make this a Superior Addition



FAMILY FRIENDLY CEDARCOAST designed and built this waterfront cottage in 2007.

Today the family, thrilled with their existing custom home, is thinking ‘Muskoka Boathouse’. Now the exterior shows a lovely patina. How will the addition of a boathouse change their beach landscape? How can we minimize the negative effect on neighbour’s views? How will CedarCoast match the existing design?

CedarCoast Timber Homes built a striking new Muskoka Boasthouse for this elegant shore-hugging home.

CedarCoast designed a beautiful boathouse to match this shorefront home.

Details like the custom metalwork and striking, bell-curved cupola enhance the simple elegance of the design. The recognizable wood arches of the cottage behind are matched to great advantage in the elevations of the smaller boathouse. The structure was designed with two large beams to support the lifting of the boat out of water for storage.

The quality of these design decisions, with the details in conversation submitted back and forth to families, make CedarCoast Timber Homes the builder of choice for many Muskoka cottagers. Owners thoughts, ideocyncracies and lifestyles, form the foundation of the design. Successive plans are submitted to the family, including many 360 degree computer drawings so each elevation, front, back and sides, can be thoroughly envisioned. No surprises.

CedarCoast Timber Homes builds Muskoka Boasthouse for this elegant shore huggling home.

CedarCoast Timber Homes designed this elegant Muskoka Boasthouse to enhance the original cottage.

Interested? ? Get familiar with this innovative way of family planning, in which family plans become the floorplans of your new venture. Say ‘Hello’ to CedarCoast, the truly customizable cottage builder. You can tailor the vision, planning and construction of your cottage and boathouse building to fit.

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Among custom home builders, CedarCoast Timber Homes is unique.