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This is the comfort and relaxation your family imagines and deserves.

Your Muskoka Cottage

AFTER A BLISTERING SUMMER the glory of fall colours shines through.

Now when others have gone back to the city, your Muskoka cottage and your family’s chosen lifestyle come into sharp contrast.

THIS IS THE OUTDOOR LIFE YOU CHOSE – now set off with the blazing panorama of October in Ontario. This is the comfort and relaxation your family imagines and deserves. These are the views you enshrined by placing windows just so, all around your home.

WHO KNEW THAT INVESTING IN YOUR FAMILY could set free so much emotion?

WHEN YOU PICKED YOUR VIEW, your little piece of forest or shoreline, you called Bert Bongers to help envision your Muskoka cottage right from the start. Bert, brother and partner Patrick, together with the rest of the CedarCoast Design Team worked with your family to keep your cherished view as a central focus within your home.

EVERY TIME YOU STEP THROUGH THE DOOR you are reminded why you chose this ideal spot for this beautiful cottage with this incredible builder.

CEDARCOAST IS THE ‘CUSTOMIZABLE COTTAGE BUILDER’ whose engagements and construction opportunities are as varied as their spectacular results. Not only will you love the stylistic elements you choose, you appreciate the different ways to plan, construct and manage the contract on your terms. Read more about customizing your build here: http://cedarcoast.hostpower.ca/customizable-cottage-builder/

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Among custom home builders, CedarCoast Timber Homes is unique.