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The Muskoka Soul Story

Lakehouse retreat becomes income earner. For Sandra Crossman and Bruce Parlette, building their perfect cottage in Muskoka may have only been a dream had it not been for their vision of having the design work for the rental market as well. Their strong background in marketing and a keen eye for detail has made this venture a great success. The cottage is aptly named Muskoka Soul because of the feeling you get when you experience the beauty and tranquility of the place. It was the CedarCoast team that created the initial layout and design but then Sandra and Bruce worked with an interior decorator to give each room, as well as the cottage as a whole, a true flavor that makes it the extraordinary private rental retreat that it is today. Muskoka-Soul-porch-350THE PROCESS To design this cottage and make it look and feel like a family cottage while at the same time being able to accommodate rentals and corporate retreats took a bit of planning. It all started with a glass of wine on the deck of the old cottage. Looking out at the vista of Lake Muskoka. Through a collaboration of the client’s efforts and the CedarCoast team, the project was pulled together very quickly. CHALLENGES There were two main challenges with this project. Sandra and Bruce wanted a 5-bedroom luxury cottage with a library loft, a large media room, a screened porch and all the other typical spaces. Given the width of the loft at the building location and the required setbacks from each side, this presented a challenge. This is why a 2-storey design was chosen and certain architectural features still allowed the building to sit low to the property and blend in. The other issue was with the proximity to one of the neighbouring cottages. Again, the design was carefully crafted using angled walls and window placement to direct the visitors focus away from that side of the property and out to the open lake. FEATURES Muskoka Soul is a two-story, five-bedroom 3 bath, luxury cottage built with CedarCoast’s signature timber frame structure supporting the expansive roof. With soaring architecture, breathtaking views and the conveniences and amenities of modern construction, Muskoka Soul provides all the luxuries of a boutique hotel. Muskoka-Soul-kitchens-960