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TO FACILITATE AND HELP GUIDE YOU in the collection of ideas, often from different family members, we created an innovative, interactive design tool that promotes lively discussions and allows for the sharing and recording of your ideas. These first impressions, feelings and conversations coalesce onto a document we call the SMARTPLAN™.

Part of the reasoning behind the development of the SMARTPLAN is that many people first approach us with two burning questions: ‘Do you have Ontario cottage plans?’ and ‘How much does a CedarCoast home cost?’ 

Once the SMARTPLAN™ is completed, this information is used to guide our design team during the planning process and is used as a “blueprint” as we keep in mind your hopes, dreams and intentions over this time period. From this point, we follow a systematic approach of providing budgets, specifications and various finishing options that begin to form the character and personality of your home. It’s a handy tool for anyone to use to brainstorm the initial planning of a home or cottage. Go ahead. Download the SMARTPLAN™. We promise to keep your private information just that: private.

Your Experts in Thoughtful DesignTM

“What’s great about designing and building custom homes”, says Patrick, “is that it starts out as an artistic process, a blank piece of paper. Most clients really don’t know what the design should look like or how it will best suit their property. This is the creative part that engages our design team as well as our clients and their extended family”.

Alternatively some of our clients work with an architect and come to us for specialty components such as a timber frame or log package, or for project management services. We have worked with architects and engineering firms in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. Our collaboration helped a British architect win a prestigious design award.

Properly designing a custom home that will be the heart of your family for generations requires more than a simple stock plan. We call our office a “plans-book free zone” for a reason. After a 10 minute conversation with us, our clients agree that stock plans do a disservice to our industry.

WE WANT YOU, OUR CLIENT, TO BECOME CONFIDENT that the home design we are developing for you reflects the architectural design elements you find pleasing and has the living spaces you require. Our design process engages you in a step-by-step manner that ensures our team members understand your vision. This step-by-step process begins by guiding you through our SmartPlanTM. This document facilitates the collection of ideas, often from many different family members. It forms the basis for the first concept designs and remains as a touchstone at every step. We know we have been successful when you become confident that your home’s design and your investment target come together.

Once the design has taken shape, further project development needs to be undertaken in a systematic and methodical manner. “This disciplined approach is carried out through the engineering phase, the writing of detailed specifications unique to each project and meticulous construction management throughout the build.”

It is our commitment to listen to you and guide you through the enjoyable process of designing and building your home or cottage. Our expertise and creativity are the two most important characteristics that will ensure this process is fun and rewarding for you and your family – an achievement of legacy!